Certificate in Product Design and 3D Visualization

The aim of the course is to use professional CAD software (SolidWorks + KeyShot) to design high quality products while ensuring the safety of their products to produce engineering drawings and produce high quality photorealistic rendered visualizations for the clients in an iconic manner as a solutions for real-time problems.

The objective is to familiarize students with the tools necessary to create, modify, and produce 3D model and 3D visualization for a design. This attempt makes students to implement their practical experience obtained during the course period in their future job profile and can actually shape the future aspects of this domain.

LRN UK (endorsed qualification)
Delivery Mode
2 Months
Total Fee

Course Content

MI/1017/01 Introduction to Product Design          

  • Identify real-time problems with the engineering approach (design methodologies).
  • Use freehand sketching techniques to simplify complex problems.
  • Rapid Prototyping

MI/1017/02 Fundamentals of Product Engineering          

  • Understand the engineering theories behind machines.
  • Find solutions for the simplified sketches
  • Understand failure modes of designs

MI/1017/03 Computer Aided Design with SolidWorks

  • Understand about the tools used in SolidWorks
  • Navigate models in 3D virtual environment
  • Produce high quality 3D models from 2D drawings

MI/1017/04 Furniture and Product Design with SolidWorks

  • Lighting design, storage and shelf design, decorative interior products, engineering products
  • Technically transfer high quality designs 3D to 2D drawings for manufacturing purpose. Table, chair, sofa, bed design

MI/1017/05 Introduction to Simulations in SolidWorks

  • Motion Study: Analyse the feasibility of their designs in a virtual environment.
  • Basic Simulations: Ensure the safety of their designs before production     

MI/1017/06 Photorealistic Rendering and Animation with KeyShot

  • Understand models, materials, lighting setups for technical rendering
  • Produce ideas as photorealistic images for the clients
  • Let the designs communicate with the clients by producing high quality product video animations

MI/1017/07 Final Project     

  • Idea to product. Identify a problem, conceptual development, sketch, make 2D drawings, convert 2D to 3D, Analyse the feasibility and produce final rendered design outputs

Entry Requirements

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal if you want to develop a detailed understanding of project management
and control practices, whatever your sector may be. You do not have to hold a degree to join this course – you’re welcome to apply if you have relevant professional experience

Entry Requirements

Professionals and person’s above 16 years


Examination and Assignment 

Course Fee and Structure

Registration Fee : 5,000 
Course Fee           : 50000
Discount             : (25,000)
Total (LKR)     : 30,000*
*Installment available 


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