Diploma in Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)

The intention of the program is to provide self-employment opportunities for the students who are completing the course due to its demand prevails in the construction industry. The unit enable students to get proficiency in CAD fundamentals, manual drafting, two dimensional drawings, three-dimensional design, and modelling.

In addition to this, course focus on driving the students towards a practical exposure in the construction industry and make them competent so they would provide their best work in their field. This attempt makes students to implement their practical experience obtained during the course period in their future job profile and can actually shape the future aspects of this domain.

LRN UK (endorsed qualification)
Delivery Mode
2 Months
Total Fee

Course Content

MI/1011/01     Introduction to CADD        

  • Understand the terms ‘CAD’ and ‘CADD’ and its demand prevails in the job market.
  • Elaborate the use of CADD in design and in construction industry.
  • Recognize different types of Computer Aided Design software used for designing purposes.

MI/1011/02     Fundamentals of Mechanical Drafting      

  • Be able to create a basic of technical drawings using traditional manual drafting instrument and sketching.
  • Learn to draw perspectives, multi view drawings of three-dimensional objects and lettering.

MI/1011/03     Computer Aided Drafting with AutoCAD            

  • Understand the fundamentals of AutoCAD software and its importance.
  • Be able to work with drawing tools
    • Drawing Units
    • AutoCAD Interface
    • Basic Drawing Tools
    • Advance Drawing Tools
    • Drawing Commands
    • Layout and Plotting
    • 2D Practice Drawing
  • Learn to setup a drawing starting from scratch

MI/1011/04     Orthographic and Isometric Drawings      

  • Be able to draw a three-dimensional object in two dimensional views. (Front, side and Plan view)
  • Learn to draw isometric drawing of objects by using provided two-dimensional views. (Front, side and Plan view)

MI/1011/05     Introduction to Architectural Drawings    

  • Understand the architectural drawing basic requirements to create technical drawings.
  • Be able to create a set of architectural drawings for a building.

MI/1011/06     Introduction to 3D Modelling         

  • Understand the basics of 3D Modelling and recognize different types of 3D Modelling software prevails in the market.
  • Recognize the use of 3D Modelling in various industries.

MI/1011/07     3D modelling with Sketch-Up         

  • Understand the importance of SketchUp software in designing 3D Models.
  • Be able to identify basic tools and form 3D model using SketchUp software.
  • Learn to create 3D building models and 3D models of Furniture.

MI/1011/08     Major Project           

  • Create a set of standard architectural drawing of a given building to a standard scale.
  • Be able to use different layers, hatches, line weights and plot the drawing in a docket and submit to an examiner.


Entry Requirements

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal if you want to develop a detailed understanding of project management
and control practices, whatever your sector may be. You do not have to hold a degree to join this course – you’re welcome to apply if you have relevant professional experience

Entry Requirements

Professionals and person’s above 16 years


Examination and Assignment 

Course Fee and Structure

Registration Fee : 5,000 
Course Fee           : 50000
Discount             : (25,000)
Total (LKR)     : 30,000*
*Installment available 


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