Diploma in Interior and Spatial Designing

This program has been designed for students to understand elementary aspect of interior design and enhance creative solutions for spatial designs. The unit provide students with opportunity to explore design theories, creative thinking process, innovative design solutions, methodologies, and design software.

The application of knowledge obtained in theories for a spatial design helps to identify design problem and to define innovative concepts to create difference ambience in different spaces which will provide comfort to the user. This also creates a way to develop a comprehensive design idea for a sustainable interior design to reduce the negative environmental impact of our society and build a better more sustainable future.

LRN UK (endorsed qualification)
Delivery Mode
2 Months
Total Fee

Course Content

MI/1010/01     Introduction to Interior and Spatial Design 

  • Understand the term “Interior design” and the responsibility of an interior designer in designing an interior space.
  • Recognize the principles of building and construction technology.
  • Identify the elements of the building and develop competency in design process.

MI/1010/02     History of Architecture         

  • Be able to explore the history of architecture from pre-historic periods to the contemporary architectural movements.
  • Recognize architecture and interior design with reference to social, cultural, and religious context.
  • Interpret and apply historic design styles including furniture styles, decorative elements, motifs, and interior components to contemporary interior environment settings.

MI/1010/03     Fundamentals of design        

  • Understand the elements and principles of design and apply in spatial design.    
  • Recognize the term “Proportion” and “Scale” and apply in 3D composition.

MI/1010/04     Building Materials    

  • Familiarize with basic building materials in the construction industry.
  • Identify the properties and impact on interior space by applying different building materials in design.

MI/1010/05     Colour and Design Theory

  • Understand the fundamentals of colour and design theory.
  • Explore the impacts on applying colours in a space and generate innovative design ideas.
  • Understand the Psychology of colour and apply the knowledge of colour to create different ambience in interior spaces.

MI/1010/06     Flooring and Ceiling

  • Understand the fundamentals in designing of wall and ceiling.
  • Be able to use different surface material and texture in interior design.

MI/1010/07     Introduction to Architectural Graphics        

  • Learn to draw technical drawings of three-dimensional objects.
  • Be able to draw perspectives of objects and building interior and exterior to explain the design concept.

MI/1010/08     Computer Aided Drafting     

  • Understand the fundamentals of CAD software.
  • Apply basic skills and knowledge in 2D Drafting to create scaled drawings for interior design.

MI/1010/09     Fundamentals of Lighting     

  • Understand the psychological and emotional impact of light in interior design.
  • Be able to select suitable lamps and luminaires for different functional spaces.
  • Generate and apply design ideas using lighting in spatial design.

MI/1010/10     Major Design Project           

  • Generate a concept and develop interior design for a design problem through applying design theories.
  • Be able to communicate design solution graphically and orally to an examiner.

Entry Requirements

Who is this course for?

This course is ideal if you want to develop a detailed understanding of project management
and control practices, whatever your sector may be. You do not have to hold a degree to join this course – you’re welcome to apply if you have relevant professional experience

Entry Requirements

Professionals and person’s above 16 years


Examination and Assignment 

Course Fee and Structure

Registration Fee : 5,000 
Course Fee           : 50000
Discount             : (25,000)
Total (LKR)     : 30,000*
*Installment available 


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